Clothing Stock

What is stock clothing?

Here are some definitions:

  • It is not used clothing, but in most cases it is brand new clothing for men, women and children.
  • The world’s leading brands and manufacturers have stocks of their clothing production available.
  • Clothing stocks allow you to buy high-quality clothing at an affordable price.
  • Clothing in stock, especially what we offer, is fashionable clothing
  • Clothing stock is also an opportunity to start a profitable business!

As you have read, there are no conflicting definitions but each one reveals one of the characteristics of stock clothing.


Where do the items in stock come from?


There are several sources of stock clothing:

  • Overproduction of clothes in factories: these are authentic clothes that never made it to the shops or boutiques.
  • Overstocking in factories: materials are used to make the same clothes that are sold to stockists. This group also includes items that have been rejected by retailers. To save valuable warehouse space, such lots are sold to stock wholesalers.
  • Wholesale stock: clothes bought from wholesalers that never made it to the shops for various reasons.
  • Retail stocks: clothing that has not been sold out in one season is stored in special warehouses to be sold wholesale at a later date.

The most interesting items come from Europe and the United States, as it is there that new collections of famous brands appear first (and, therefore, are removed from sale).

Direct stock deliveries from Western Europe and the USA reduce expenses and final cost.


Why should you choose International Textrade for stock clothing?


International TexTrade has a 20-year presence in the world of stock clothing. We guarantee constant stock of over 61 international fashion brands under contract. We offer women’s, men’s and children’s stock clothing, shoes, accessories and much more! Our wide range of clothing categories and brands allows us to satisfy a wide variety of market conditions.
We have a qualified multilingual international team that operates worldwide.
We take care of the packaging and shipping of your goods through partnerships with reliable transport companies.
In addition, we have an extensive purchasing network that enables us to find the best clothing stocks and offer them to companies that work with us.
Our aim is to create a solid and long-lasting relationship with our collaborators.

Are you a company who is looking for a reliable supplier of stock clothing or wholesale clothing? Contact us and we can make you the best possible individual proposal.

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