About Us

About us

ITT is one of Europe’s leading distributors of high quality textiles. We trade in men’s, women’s and, children’s fashion as well as sports clothing, shoes and accessories. As a company with international operations, our focus is on brand protection for our suppliers of fashion labels.


We take care to avoid any type of advertising for the benefit of our suppliers and to protect their brands.


Our international buying network is constantly browsing the market for high quality stock from in-demand fashion brands. Today, our company is a supplier to the wholesale and retail trade with international operations in more than 53 countries worldwide. It goes without saying, that our buying department complies with, all standards and agreements from our domestic and overseas suppliers.


Building a long-standing and trustworthy business relationship is very important to us.

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Profesional Skills

Our stock consists of the last season’s clothing items, excess stock, overproduced items and new exchange items. All of this clothing is checked and sorted by our experienced team.

In doing so, all of the items are separated by brand, quality and compiled as perfectly matched packages that contain different item categories from each collection.

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